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Israeli artist Arie Ogen original art work are also exhibited on the national Israel Museum Jerusalem Selected Art Works Web Exhibition at the Israeli Art Center.

Arie Ogen

Painter, born in Poland on 5 December 1917, died in Bonn, Germany on 20 March 2012.

Immigrated to Israel 1957. Studies: 1935 - 39 Academy of Art, Milan, Italy. Advanced studies: Europe 1974.

Art Work Details

Prayers Near The Western Wall

30cm * 40.5cm - Lithography

Black ink on white carton

$1200 Including Shipping & Handling

Arie Ogen had success in Europe, Israel, Australia and the US. Crooked streets of Jerusalem, old houses, street scenes and the Western Wall are among his beloved motives; perceived in a realistic naturalistic style. His oil paint motives and miniatures are suppressed and shaded.

Arie Ogen became famous in Germany in the mid-70s with the unique collection of "Synagogues destroyed in the Crystal Night 1938". This original art work is kept by the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Institute Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

Special interest reserves the remarkable "Jerusalem Tryptichon" art collection detailing the multiplicity of the old city Jerusalem. It is so rare to find an artist that brings Jerusalem so close to the viewer.

Arie Ogen was mainly living in Bonn, Germany and in 1999 he donated his picture "Jiskor" for building of a new Synagogue in Dresden, Germany

In February 2003 Arie Ogen had an exhibition at the Marienschule Euskirchen, Germany

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